THE MASK SINGER: Revealed As Biggest Rapper in the World

THE MASK SINGER: Revealed As Biggest Rapper in the World

Viewers that tuned into The Masked Singer after the big game were shocked to see one of the biggest rappers in the world under the mask.

For his one and only performance, “The Robot” sang Lenny Kravitz‘s “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” But when the votes were tallied up, the ‘bot came in dead last. At the end of Sunday night’s episode, host Nick Cannon helped “The Robot” pull his mask off, only to reveal that it was the one and only Lil Wayne in the costume. There were some hints in his video package, including a skateboard, an Xbox controller, and firetruck referencing his “Fireman” single. As for why he decided to go on the show, he says he watches it with his kids and knew they’d get a kick out of seeing their daddy making a cameo.

None of the show’s panelists, including Ken JeongJenny McCarty, and Robin Thicke who has actually collaborated with Weezy before were able to guess his identity before it was revealed.

Hot Takes:

  • Wayne’s voice is so unique. Five seconds in, there was no doubt in mind that was Wayne on stage.
  • Weezy’s gotta be one of the biggest stars to go on this show so far.
  • How did Wayne come in dead last? Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think he only felt like doing one episode.
  • I figured he would have gone with a martian costume.