JAY-Z: Explain Why He and Beyonce Didn’t Stand for National Anthem

JAY-Z: Explain Why He and Beyonce Didn’t Stand for National Anthem

Jay-Z can explain why he and Beyoncé did not stand during the Super Bowl national anthem. It had nothing to do with making a political statement. Only afterward, when his phone blew up, did Jay realize he sat through the national anthem.

Jay claimed he got lost in the moment. He intently focused on Demi Lovato’s performance, from an artistic perspective. Jay told a crowd Tuesday night at Columbia University, (quote) “Demi comes out. We’re talking about how beautiful she looks. How she sounds. What she’s gone through in her life for her to be on the stage. We’re so proud of Demi.”

Jay works for the NFL. He worked Super Bowl 54 as music adviser and co-produced the halftime show. It’s unlikely he would purposefully protest on football’s biggest stage. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • A Rorschach test by Jay Z. You can either believe what he said or believe your eyes. There may be a little bit of truth in both.
  • The Super Bowl public address announcer forgot to give instructions, “Please rise and remove your hats.” Jay did neither.
  • I stood at home during the national anthem. Only because it was a crowded party and all the seats were occupied.
  • The protest movement at NFL games disappeared once the TV broadcasts stopped showing the national anthem.
  • Whatever happened to that Colin Kaepernick tryout for NFL scouts? The New England Patriots might need a new QB.