BLAC CHYNA: Explained Her Appearance at Oscars

BLAC CHYNA: Explained Her Appearance at Oscars

Blac Chyna killed it with her red carpet look on Sunday night, but many Oscars viewers wondered why she was there in the first place.

A representative for the reality star says the critics are just racist. The spokesperson tells TMZ that Chyna has as much right to be there as anyone else, considering that she has her own reality show. The same source says Chyna was also there because she “finds inspiration in supporting her friends, mentors and other talent that has helped provide a blueprint for her career.”

Chyna’s rep calls the criticism a “black-lash” and suggests she wouldn’t see the same scrutiny if her skin was a different color.

The bottom line is is Blac Chyna went because she was invited.

Hot Takes:

  • There are plenty of folks who are at the Academy Awards each year who weren’t in any movies or nominated for any awards.
  • She apparently brought an unnamed “music producer” date.
  • She has a point — there’s plenty of random white actors and actresses in the crowd, and nobody has a problem with them.
  • Regardless of race, you don’t see a lot of reality stars in the crowd. I can’t ever recall seeing Snooki or Flavor Flav in the crowd.
  • If it were one of the Kardashians, would everyone be as critical?… Yeah, maybe.