CORONAVIRUS: 1000 People Top Death Toll

CORONAVIRUS: 1000 People Top Death Toll

The Coronavirus death toll has topped 1000 people.

China reported its deadliest day yesterday (Tuesday) — 103 people died from the illness. The previous record was 97 on Monday.

Although the disease is still largely concentrated in China’s Wuhan province, nearly 500 cases have been reported in other countries — including 13 in the United States. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Even with 500 cases elsewhere, your odds of contracting Coronavirus are exceedingly rare. Your odds of dying from the flu are much higher. Did you get a flu shot?
  • President Trump said yesterday he expects the spread of the disease to abate as the weather gets warmer. Nobody seems to know what his basis for saying that was.
  • You should appreciate people you see wearing medical masks. If they are sick, they’re a lot less likely to spread germs to you.