KERI HILSON: Still Dealing With Depression

KERI HILSON: Still Dealing With Depression

Keri Hilson’s going through it.

She opened up about her struggle with depression in an Instagram post. She wrote, “I’m just honestly trying to hold it all together. One day I’m up, the next I’m down. I don’t know where life is taking me, what it’s making me, but I pray it’s something beautiful. And that’s real.”

The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer debuted back in 2004 but has been away for the spotlight for most of the past decade. Last year, she said in an open letter that she’d lost “some pivotal characters in the process of stepping away for my well-being… Other figures of my past are greedy, unreasonable and refuse to honor my growth.” She vowed to “emerge from [the] cocoon [of depression] just as beautifully as I have overcome the other processes in my life.”

Hot Takes:

  • Power through, Ms. Keri.
  • She planned to drop a comeback album last summer that is yet to materialize.
  • Hopefully the time off allowed her to re-calibrate and find some peace.
  • There’s a ton of pressure on artists.