YOUNG DOLPH: Twerking Gone Wrong

YOUNG DOLPH: Twerking Gone Wrong

For the second time this week, we’ve seen an example of twerking gone horribly wrong.

First, it was the video of the stripper falling two stories from a stage-to-ceiling pole that lit social media ablaze. Enter Young Dolph. He recently had some curvy ladies come up on the stage to dance to “Juicy.”  Everything seemed to be going according to plan until Dolph noticed a skinny guy in gold booty shorts, twerking next to the four women. That was enough for Dolph, who told security to get the guy off stage. Within moments, a heavy emerged and carried the stage crasher backstage.

You can watch a video of the whole thing on Instagram.

Hot Takes:

  • Dolph needs to chill out. It’s not that serious.
  • The guy on stage might have been a plant.
  • Who knows, maybe Dolph took him to the back for a private show.
  • Who knew twerking could be so dangerous.
  • Maybe next time Dolph will make the rules clear upfront to avoid any confusion.
  • You’re telling me Dolph can survive shooting attempts on his life but if he sees a young man shaking his cakes he’s shook?