SNOOP DOGG: Son Trades College Career For Modeling

SNOOP DOGG: Son Trades College Career For Modeling

Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus has traded his college sports career for one in modeling.

The former UCLA athlete took part in a photo shoot where he posed in eyeliner, earrings and some feminine clothing — a pink sweater vest with a large pink flower over a lace shirt.

The 22-year-old responded to critics by explaining, “I was embodying a role, that [shoot] was on masculinity, and I channeled my inner Prince, I channeled my inner Rick James, and I don’t understand it. Whenever other artists that are not black wear makeup, paint their nails or put eyeliner on, society doesn’t put a label on them.”

Hot Takes:

  • Salute to Cordell. Do what makes you happy (and makes you money), and don’t worry too much about what the haters have to say.
  • It’s 2020. What’s the big deal?
  • Hopefully Snoop supports his son pursuing his dreams — whatever those may be.