LIL PUMP: Renounces His Retirement

LIL PUMP: Renounces His Retirement

Just when you thought he was done, the game pulls Lil Pump back in.

A few days after he announced plans to retire, on Monday he made his return on social media, writing, “Bitch I’m back” and laughing at the fans who believed him when he said he was going to quit.

The new post seems to suggest the “retirement” was a stunt to promote the release of some new music by the name of “Contacto.” In a video, you can see him rapping and dancing along to a song with Spanish lyrics.

A little over a year ago, he dropped his sophomore album Harverd Dropout.

Hot Takes:

  • Pump’s never gonna stop being a troll. It’s why you either love him or hate him.
  • The word retirement in the rap game is about as real as pro wrestling.
  • He’s just a teenager having fun and messing with people online.