MEEK MILL: Challenge His Son To Eat Dead Crickets

MEEK MILL: Challenge His Son To Eat Dead Crickets

Meek Mill challenged his son to eat crickets for $1,000.

Young Rhimeek was gameso Meek filmed his son crunching and munching on the dead bugs. At one point, the boy opens his mouth to prove he’s really doing it. In the caption, Meek jokingly told his followers not to contact child protective services. Meek was grossed out and said “yuck” at the time, but when Complex wrote about the video, the Philly rapper pointed out that he bought the crickets “from the candy store.”

While the idea of snacking on crickets might seem yucky, or at least a little bit unusual, they’re actually considered a delicacy in many parts of the world and a good source of protein.

Hot Takes:

  • I mean, it’s not like he’s out here forcing his kid to eat bugs. He dared his kid to eat something sold in the store — and offered some big money to sweeten the deal.
  • This sounds like something they would have done on Fear Factor back in the day.
  • I don’t care what kind of bugs they are, a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks.
  • Kids peer pressure each other to do this kind of stuff and worse.
  • Meek seems more grossed out than the person who actually had to eat them.