CORONAVIRUS: Trump Ask for $2.5 Billion to Battle It

CORONAVIRUS: Trump Ask for $2.5 Billion to Battle It

UPDATE (9:00 a.m. ET): During a press conference in India today, President Trump insisted that the coronavirus is “very well under control in our country,” and that “I think the whole situation will start working out.” (USA Today)

On Monday night, the Trump administration sent to Congress a $2.5 billion supplemental budget request for extra funds to battle the coronavirus. House Democrats, however, don’t think it’s enough, setting the stage for a fight in Congress over the emergency funding.

Part of the reason Democrats don’t like the request is because it comes with the authority to move federal funds. Democrats are already unhappy about Trump’s shuffling of existing federal money to fund the border wall.

This proposal includes using unused funds, such as hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked to battle Ebola, as well as $1.25 billion in new funding. (Politico)

Hot Takes:

  • This is something Democrats and Republicans should agree on for the sake of our country.
  • Some feel the coronavirus is worse than being reported.
  • Others say the flu continues to be a bigger threat than the coronavirus.