CORONAVIRUS: Second Death Occurring in the U.S.

CORONAVIRUS: Second Death Occurring in the U.S.

UPDATED, 9:30 p.m. PT — There’s been a second death in the U.S., in Seattle, and a first case detected in New York City. (CNBC)

Over the weekend the global death toll from the coronavirus hit nearly 3,000, including the first death on U.S. soil, in Seattle, according to health officials.

As of Sunday evening, there were at least 74 cases in the U.S., including the first case in New York, according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Meanwhile, in California, two health care workers are presumed to be positive for the virus. Both were exposed to a patient, who last week was diagnosed as the first community transmission of the virus, at NorthBay VacaValley Hospital.

Over in Italy, officials announced Sunday that the number of cases skyrocketed on Sunday to 1,694, with 806 new cases, for a 91-percent increase in a single day. (ABC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Remember to thoroughly wash your hands and try not to touch your face.
  • Health officials say you only need to wear a mask if you’re already sick.
  • It was a joke on Saturday Night Live, but Dr. Ben Carson really has been added to Donald Trump‘s task force to battle the coronavirus.