VANESSA BRYANT: “Devastated” Deputies Allegedly Shared Kobe Crash Photos

VANESSA BRYANT: “Devastated” Deputies Allegedly Shared Kobe Crash Photos

The allegations that Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shared photos of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others has left his wife Vanessa Bryant “absolutely devastated,” her attorney said in a statement.

Lawyer Gary C. Robb is calling for an internal affairs probe into the matter and the “harshest possible discipline” for those involved. He added that the alleged behavior is “inexcusable and deplorable.”

Making matters worse, Robb said that Vanessa Bryant personally went to the sheriff’s office following the crash that killed her husband and daughter and requested it be designated a “no-fly zone” to keep the paparazzi away.

It seems the paparazzo weren’t the problem. According to sources, a deputy was seen in a bar showing photos of the grisly crash scene. (Los Angeles Times)

Hot Takes:

  • This truly is horrible. People lost their lives and their relatives have to go through the added grief of some scumbag showing photos of the crash scene.
  • Some people have no human decency.
  • Kobe Bryant was a public figure so these photos have news value.