KIM KARDASHIAN: Accused of Cultural Appropriation Again

KIM KARDASHIAN: Accused of Cultural Appropriation Again

Kim Kardashian hasn’t been accused of cultural appropriation in awhile. That’s changed when the mogul got called out for wearing braids at Kanye West’s Yeezy show on Monday in Paris.

Kim posted photos of herself wearing waist-length braids — and that’s when the haters began complaining.

One person tweeted, “YOU ARE NOT BLACK.” Another wrote, “How does she keep getting away with it.” A third added, “You think she’d learn. Put your hair up in a high pony and go to the fashion show like everyone else.”

Kim did have her defenders. One said on Instagram, “As a black woman I feel like it is very close-minded for someone to say she cannot wear braids. And if that is the case then us as black women should not wear straight hair: nor should we be buying wigs that are long and straight after all our hair is not straight, right?”

Hot Takes:

  • The Kardashians obviously aren’t going to stop wearing braids.
  • Does she get a pass, being married married to a black man and having black children?
  • Is it worse when Kylie does it?