SUPER TUESDAY: Joe Biden in the Lead Over Bernie Sanders

SUPER TUESDAY: Joe Biden in the Lead Over Bernie Sanders

UPDATE (6:30 a.m. ET): The total tally of delegates could still change, but right now Biden leads with 453 to Sanders’ 382. A candidate will need to claim at least 1,991. (USA Today)

Super Tuesday led up to its name for former Vice President Joe Biden. He made a major comeback to once again become the forerunner for the Democratic nomination for president by winning primaries in Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Biden also got a late victory in Texas, but Maine — as of late Tuesday night pacific time — was too close to call.

Meanwhile, Biden’s chief rival, Senator Bernie Sanders won primaries in his home state of Vermont as well as Colorado and Utah.

The Associated Press called California for Sanders on Tuesday night, which would give him the state with the largest amount of delegates for the night, but long lines at many polling places in the Los Angeles area kept the polls open later than expected, with those in line before 8 p.m. told they would be allowed to cast a vote.

In a dramatic moment in Los Angeles, Biden was bum-rushed by a pair of anti-dairy protester during his speech. His wife, Jill, helped keep the protester away from her husband.

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg had to settle for one win – the caucuses in America Samoa.

Senator Elizabeth Warren had a bad night, even losing her home state of Massachusetts, but as of this writing, she had yet to throw in the towel and urged her supporters to “cast the vote that will make you proud.” (The New York Times) (Audio courtesy of ABC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Those who counted Biden out have to be surprised.
  • Some analyst wondered if Warren had bowed out before Tuesday, if she would helped Sanders, as it appeared Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg did for Biden.
  • If Sanders loses, will the Bernie Bros throw a tantrum or support Biden?