MALL SHOOTING: One Dead Over Fight Of Parking Spot

MALL SHOOTING: One Dead Over Fight Of Parking Spot

An argument over a parking spot at a mall in Atlanta turned violent Sunday and led to the fatal shooting of one person.

Police say two groups of people in separate cars got into a fight over the parking spot outside the Lenox Mall. The situation began to settle down and they all went into the mall, but later on things escalated again when they all returned to the parking lot and someone was shot in the head.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Four suspects fled in their car, but were involved in a crash as they tried to leave the parking lot. They all tried to run away, but one suspect was captured by police and taken into custody. It’s unknown if he was the shooter. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Hot Takes:

  • Parking lot rage is a real problem.
  • This was the fourth shooting in as many months at this mall.
  • Who still goes to malls?