SUPER TUESDAY 2: Biden Won Primaries Again

SUPER TUESDAY 2: Biden Won Primaries Again

It was another Tuesday and another big day for Joe Biden, as the former VP won primaries in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi, paving the way for his nomination as the Democratic candidate for president.

Biden was so dominant, calls for Senator Bernie Sanders to pack it in have grew louder, as Democrats want to unify the party to do battle with Donald Trump in November.

Biden was the projected winner in Idaho, too, while Sanders had a healthy lead in North Dakota, based on partial returns. The two candidates were neck-in-neck in Washington state, with about two-thirds of the votes counted.

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden recounted his success in the primaries. OC:…Washington State. :12 [Courtesy of 24/7 News Source]

“It looks like we’re going to have another good night. We have victories in Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan and we’re waiting to hear from North Dakota, Idaho and Washington State.”

Paul Maslin, a veteran Democratic strategist, said, “The race for all intents and purposes was over last Tuesday. Michigan confirms it. The primaries in the rest of March will make it mathematically certain.”

Speaking in Philadelphia, Biden sounded like he was trying to court Sanders supporters, by thanking them for “their tireless energy and passion,” adding, “We share a common goal and together we’ll defeat Donald Trump. We’ll defeat him together.” (Los Angeles Times)

Joe Biden addressed supporters Tuesday night in Philadelphia after having another good Tuesday. OC:…every single state. :10 [Courtesy of 24/7 News Source]

“This campaign is taking off and I believe we’re going to do well from this point on. Take nothing for granted, want to earn every single vote in every single state.”

Hot Takes:

  • Biden and Sanders canceled campaign events in Ohio, due to the threat of coronavirus.
  • Biden gained another endorsement Tuesday night. This time from former rival Andrew Yang.
  • Biden got into it with a worker Tuesday at an under-construction Detroit auto plant who accused the former VP of “trying to take away our guns.” Biden responded by saying, “You’re full of [crap].” (Deadline)