MEEK MILL: Plane Searched Again

MEEK MILL: Plane Searched Again

It must feel like deja vu for Meek Mill.

Just a couple days after he complained about an unwarranted search of his private plane during a Miami pit stop, it’s happened again. On Tuesday, Meek logged onto Instagram stories to say he was being searched for the second time in a week. He posted, “Searching the jet againnnnn” with a face palm emoji and the words: “Somebody calling them, gotta be looking for drugs on us! That’s an insult!”

The good news for Meek? Just like last time, the search turned up nothing.

Hot Takes:

  • Whether or not he’s behind bars, repeated actions like this prove that Meek will never truly be free.
  • Sure sounds like Meek is being harassed.
  • With reports of artists like Juice WRLD and Ralo using private planes to move weight, authorities must think every rapper is smuggling drugs.
  • They’re trying to catch him flying dirty.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of us are used to getting our privacy violated each and every time we fly.