CORONAVIRUS: Trump Says “Relax”and Speaks Out Against Hoarding

CORONAVIRUS: Trump Says “Relax”and Speaks Out Against Hoarding

Donald Trump on Sunday urged Americans not to hoard food as the Federal Reserve announced a new plan to help boost the U.S. economy hit hard the by effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said, “You don’t have to buy so much. Take it easy. Relax.”

The president went on to say that he had meetings earlier in the day with executives from Target, Campbell’s and Costco. Trump said, “The have asked me to say, ‘Could you please buy a little less please.’ I thought I would never hear that from a retailer.”

This comes as the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. jump from about 100 on March 1st to about 3,300 on Sunday, according to health officials. (CNBC)

Hot Takes:

  • It’s nice Trump is trying to calm people down, now if he’d just behave on Twitter.
  • Have you engaged in panic buying?
  • Buy what you need, but leave some for your neighbors.