DRIVE IN CONCERT: Created To Fix Current Problem

DRIVE IN CONCERT: Created To Fix Current Problem

Promoters in Los Angeles found a creative way to bring folks together to enjoy live music while practicing social distancing.

Dub Lab hosted a Drive-in Concert on Monday night where music lovers were be able to enjoy the performance from the comfort of their cars “alone together.”

It’s a new twist on the old drive-in movie concept. As an alternative to a planned March residency, the Drive-In Concert allowed artists to perform from a van in a Vons grocery store parking lot, as the sound was broadcast into nearby car radios and online.

Hot Takes:

  • Who knows, this could start a trend.
  • Finding a way for folks to have fun and stay safe? That’s what I call a win-win.
  • We’re gonna need to come up with creative ways to come together and connect during these trying times.