CARDI B: Losing Her Mind

CARDI B: Losing Her Mind

Cardi B needs an inside line to the government.

Bardi has been open with her followers about her anxiety around the coronavirus. She kept it one hundred with her 60 million Instagram followers, confessing that she’s “losing her [effing] mind.” Cabin fever really seems to be taking a toll on Cardi, who is stressed that she can’t get dressed up and leave her house.

One thing that would ease her fears is having an inside man in the Pentagon. So, if you know anybody, make sure you let Cardi know she can calm down.

Hot Takes:

  • Cardi is one of us. We’re all stressed about this and nobody knows what to expect next.
  • She might need to smoke one of those emergency blunts Offset rolled up to calm down.
  • Take a chill pill, Cardi.
  • Don’t stress, Cardi, you can get knocked down nine times but we know you’ll get up 10.