R. KELLY: Attempt to Get Out of Jail

R. KELLY: Attempt to Get Out of Jail

R. Kelly’s latest get-out-of-jail scheme is a doozy. He’s cooked up a plan to go from jailbird to mallrat in no time flat.

The disgraced singer’s legal team has been making Hail Mary attempts for at least a couple of weeks. The argument is, Kells, like basically everyone else locked up, is at a higher risk to contract COVID-19 while incarcerated due to close quarters and a lack of basic cleaning supplies. Lawyers also say it’s unfair that they can’t meet with their client, who is awaiting trial.

But he isn’t just asking to be released. He proposed moving into a luxury apartment complex that’s attached to a mall. Given his history with young girls, it would seem ill-advised to let Kelly roam free next to an Old Navy, H&M and movie theatre. (The Blast)

Hot Takes:

  • What’s that old expression — shoot for the stars and even if you miss you’ll hit the moon?
  • He really tried it with this one.
  • Can you imagine them letting him go from jailbird to mallrat?
  • Love him or hate him, there are a few compelling reasons to at least reconsider where and how he’s locked up.
  • Somehow this seems like it would be more of a reward for him than a punishment.
  • Isn’t the mall closed anyway?