Lake Charles woman recovers from Corona Virus

Lake Charles woman recovers from Corona Virus


In early March, Maxine McGregor was admitted to Lake Charles Memorial after she came home from a church choir meeting and began to feel chills. A day or so later, she was running a 102-degree fever and had a cough. After visiting an Urgent Care and returning home, another church member called to tell her to get tested for the coronavirus since another church choir member had tested positive.

Once at the hospital, she ended up testing positive. She remained in ICU for a time before testing negative two to three weeks later before being sent to another floor to begin her journey of recovery so she could be released home.

McGregor graciously thanks Dr. Washington, Dr. George, and especially Dr. Carter, “I bless and I pray for him. When he came in … he said to me ‘you’re going to make it.’

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging across the globe for months now, and has taken the lives of approximately 66, 921 Americans with 170, 179 people having recovered.

“It felt great! I miss all the workers because they took such good care of me. I have no complaints at all,” said McGregor when asked about how she felt upon leaving the hospital virus-free.