TREY SONGS: Wanted to Sign Summer Walker

TREY SONGS: Wanted to Sign Summer Walker

Trey Songz says he missed out on a chance to sign Summer Walker before she blew up.

In a recent interview, he told a story about how he first heard her music through an app on his phone that he uses to store unreleased music in 2016. He liked one of her songs, but forgot who sent it to him — and started texting producers he knew to try and figure out who she was. At the time, Trey was thinking, “I love this girl. I want to sign this girl.”

Flash forward two years later — Summer Walker had dropped the song that was in Trey’s head, “Girls Need Love.”

Hot Takes:

  • Do you think her career would have gone in a different direction under Trey’s mentorship?
  • Wow, and to think, sloppy organization/filing skills might have been all that stopped this from happening.
  • Hip-hip history is full of “what ifs.”