CARDI B: Shows Off New Ink

CARDI B: Shows Off New Ink

Cardi B has some new ink — and she’s showing it off on the ‘gram.

She’s looking like a whole rainbow, with pink hair, orange and turquoise ink on her side, and the latest addition at the top of her back that looks so bright it nearly pops off the screen.

Bardi says the new body art took several months to complete. It makes sense considering the size and detail — it goes from the top of her neck to a few inches above her knee.

Hot Takes:

  • She’s treating her body like a canvas — and the results are priceless.
  • Tattoo shops are shut down in a lot of states right now as part of COVID precautions.
  • Is she taking an unnecessary risk by getting work done at a time like this?
  • Most solid tattoo artists are certified and take hygiene very seriously.
  • Same Cardi, new ink.