TI: Responds to Trump’s “Unauthorized Use” of His Music

TI: Responds to Trump’s “Unauthorized Use” of His Music

Earlier this week, President Trump’s team posted a remix of “Whatever You Like” to Snapchat, and turned T.I.’s hit song into a Joe Biden diss track. Now, T.I. has weighed in on the “unauthorized use” of the track and is not happy about it.

A representative for the rapper says, “The video distorts lyrics from his #1 charting song by misrepresenting the lyrics through text language and distortion of his recorded voice… It goes without saying, that T.I. would not in any way ever support the divisive policies and destructive propaganda of Trump. The people of our country deserve far better than this.”

The rep adds that Tip has not given any consent to use his music, especially to politically attack Joe Biden. “It is sad, but expected, that this President would stoop so low to use his property without authority to manipulate the community. T.I.’s legal team and media partners are already moving expeditiously to block this unauthorized use and set the record straight in no uncertain terms.”

Hot Takes:

  • It doesn’t matter, the damage is done. Snapchat stories stay up for 24 hours and then they disappear. Everyone who was going to see this has already seen it.
  • Of course they’re moving “expeditiously.” I would expect T.I.’s team to move no other way.
  • Trump has the money to pay for the rights to music he wants to license — so why doesn’t he?
  • If an artist of T.I.’s caliber can’t stop the President from using his music without permission, what hope do any of the rest of us have?