RIHANNA: Claps Back at Fan

RIHANNA: Claps Back at Fan

Rihanna clapped back at a fan yesterday (Tuesday) who doesn’t believe that voting will bring forth change.

It started when RiRi posted a call to action on Instagram telling people to get off the couch and go vote. “I don’t wanna hear another excuse! Stop believing that your vote and voice don’t matter! This is the illest way to protest… Vote for the change you want.”

A fan commented that voting wasn’t going to change anything. Rihanna said she was “sick of hearing this” and added, “Ya know what ain’t gon’ change [anything]? Not doing [anything]!”

Hot Takes:

  • Rihanna for President!
  • You know she’s right.
  • Voting isn’t the only thing you can do to effect change, but it still matters.
  • What’s also important is the follow through. After you vote for someone, you should try to continue the relationship and communicate with your elected officials.