LIL WAYNE: Explains All Lives Matter

LIL WAYNE: Explains All Lives Matter

Lil Wayne is receiving backlash once more after another tone-deaf comment about Black Lives Matter.

During a recent episode of his Young Money Radio show, Weezy tried to explain why he said, “All lives matter.” In an attempt to clarify his comments, he told a story about the time a white cop called “Uncle Bob” saved his life after he accidentally shot himself when he as 12-years-old.

The added context helps you understand where he’s coming from. But his recent comment of “My life matters… especially to my bitches” isn’t helping his case.

Hot Takes:

  • Sometimes silence is golden.
  • Too bad he can’t separate his personal experience from a much larger issue.
  • Weezy has been in show biz since he was a kid. He doesn’t have the same experience with or understanding of certain issues.
  • We’re all entitled to our own opinion — but some are better left unsaid.
  • Learn to read the room, my guy.