POLICE REFORM: Trump Issues Executive Order

POLICE REFORM: Trump Issues Executive Order

President Trump weighed in on police reform yesterday (Tuesday) by issuing an executive order designed to reduce problems.

The order will designate funds for training in de-escalation techniques and to help police departments meet certification standards for use of force. It also will jump-start a national database for excessive-force complaints and encourage the involvement of mental-health professionals when cops encounter non-violent situations.

Trump appeared with the families of several recent victims of lethal police violence. He said, “I could never imagine your pain or the depth of your anguish, but I can promise to fight for justice for all of our people.”

The order does not address chokeholds or no-knock warrants, which the White House believes need to be dealt with through legislation. (NBC NewsUSA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • He could have spared the country a lot of anguish by doing this two weeks ago.
  • It’s a good first step. The White House believes that, too.
  • Including the families of victims shows that he’s taking this seriously.
  • Trump said, “Reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals.” This is all that Black Lives Matter has been trying to say for years.