VANILLA ICE: Thousands May Risk COVID for Concert

VANILLA ICE: Thousands May Risk COVID for Concert

Friday night, in Austin, Texas, thousands will risk a COVID-19 infection to attend a Vanilla Ice concert. More than 2,500 tickets have been sold. VIP seating goes for $300.

His Independence Day Throwback Beach Party is happening on the shores of Lake Travis thanks to a legal loophole. A “restaurant” is hosting the concert. Emerald Point Bar & Grill has a concert space on its grounds.

With COVID cases surging in Texas, the governor closed the bars but allowed restaurants to continue serving at 75 percent capacity.

The one-hit wonder Instagrammed, (quote) “Get ready to go back to The 90s, the greatest decade ever. Bring your dancin’ shoes, Speedos, bikinis, neon colors and Ninja Turtle gear… hahha.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Hot Takes:

  • Submitted as Darwin Award nominee.
  • Masks optional. Ear plugs mandatory.
  • Life’s not fair when Vanilla Ice is performing but Tupac is dead.