RICKEY SMILEY: Daughter Shot at Stoplight

RICKEY SMILEY: Daughter Shot at Stoplight

The daughter of radio host Rickey Smiley was shot three times in Houston over the holiday weekend.

19-year-old Aaryn Smiley was driving to grab food at a Whataburger when she was shot at a traffic light. On his show, Smiley said, “She’s fine” but “just so angry right now.” A police report states that a woman and three men were injured in the Sunday night shooting, which took place at around 8:45 pm.

No arrests have been made as of Tuesday morning. An emotional Rickey Smiley took to Instagram to say he can’t think straight and his nerves are bad as he tries to process what happened. His takeaway is clear: “We got to stop gun violence. Parents shouldn’t have to go through this.” (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Sending love and positivity to our peer in broadcasting and his family.
  • If there’s a silver-lining here, maybe Rickey will be able to use his platform to advocate for an end to gun violence.
  • The world can be a scary place sometimes.
  • How heartbreaking to have this happen on a weekend when most folks are just trying to spend some quality time kicking back with their loved ones.
  • The important thing is that she’s okay! Everything else is secondary.