KANYE WEST: Family Concerns About Mental Health

KANYE WEST: Family Concerns About Mental Health

Kanye West‘s recent political rants and Presidential run declaration have the world buzzing — and they’ve also got his family very concerned.

According to TMZ, unnamed loved ones think Yeezy is experiencing one of the manic episodes related to the bi-polar illness that he’s admitted suffering from. The site doesn’t quote any specific person, but suggests that family sees this as one of the spirals he goes through every year or so.

Kanye’s people believe he’ll stabilize after a bit, since he always has in the past, but concern is still high. He raised some eyebrows back in 2018 when he claimed to have quit medication for the bi-polar disorder because it was stifling his creativity.

Hot Takes:

  • Kanye would tell you that the masses often think of geniuses as “crazy.”
  • Too often, people look at wild mood swings as something to mock — and that’s a really dangerous attitude.
  • Kanye does always come back to the middle ground eventually.
  • The Presidential run is a vanity project — one that he has the cash to fund.
  • Kim and company need to do their best to keep him reined in.: