HEAT WAVE: The Country’s Cooking

HEAT WAVE: The Country’s Cooking

A oppressive heat wave is gripping a large portion of the country, stretching from west to east, and bringing record-breaking temperatures in excess of 100 degrees.

50 million Americans are under heat warnings or heat advisories from California to Florida. Some areas of Southern California, Arizona and Texas are expected to see temperatures between 110 and 120. Death Valley, California on Sunday recorded a high of 128 degrees, which is the highest temperature recorded on Earth in three years.

Record highs were recorded this week in Borger, Texas (116), Palm Springs (121) and Phoenix (116), The heat and humidity in parts of Oklahoma and Louisiana made it feel like 120 degrees. (CBS News)

Hot Takes:

  • Well, it is July.
  • But it’s a dry heat.
  • I like the heat, but 128 degrees is a bit much