KANYE WEST: Poll Position

KANYE WEST: Poll Position

Pollsters are starting to run the numbers on Kanye’s odds at winning the election come November. A new poll show says two-percent of voters would actually cast a ballot for Kanye.

The British consulting firm that crunched the numbers says they asked 2,000 people their political preferences. Roughly 40 of them are currently planning to vote for ‘Ye. That’s actually in line with other third-party candidates from the Libertarian and Green parties who were also in the one-to-two percent range.

Now here’s the interesting part — while many politic junkies fear that talk of a Kanye campaign hurts Joe Biden, this research found that it actually hurts Trump, who’s already trailing behind Biden in many polls.

Hot Takes:

  • So, you’re saying there’s a chance!
  • The last presidential election basically proved these polls can’t predict everything. Take it with a grain of salt.
  • One thing that will probably keep him from winning is the fact that he still hasn’t formalized his campaign and filed the paperwork to register.
  • 2,000 is still a pretty small sample in a country with tens of millions of registered voters.
  • Don’t let Kanye hear this or he won’t stop until he has 200% of the votes.