KANYE WEST: Bow Out of Presidential Race

KANYE WEST: Bow Out of Presidential Race

Kanye West will have to wait until 2024 to run for the presidency.

Less than two weeks after announcing his bid for the White House, the rapper has reportedly dropped out of the race.

According to the Intelligencer, Kanye hired campaign staff to get his name listed as a third-party candidate in Florida and several other states. But Steve Kramer, an election strategist hired by Kanye, tells the publication, “He’s out.”

The rapper has commented on whether he’s ended his campaign, but he was polling at just 2% in the race.

Kanye needed almost 133,000 signatures by today (Wednesday) to appear on the ballot in Florida. He’s already missed the deadline in several other states.

Hot Takes:

  • He could still run with a write-in campaign.
  • I’m amazed that even 2% would vote for him.
  • It’s all a publicity stunt. Be then again that’s what they said about Trump.