MEEK MILL: Kanye’s Capping

MEEK MILL: Kanye’s Capping

Meek Mill has responded to the rumors that he and Kim Kardashian West had some sort of inappropriate meeting.

Earlier this week, Kanye implied that his wife cheated on him with Meek during a prison reform meeting. Yeezy says he’s not even mad at Meek. But, Meek says Kanye was caping with his tweets.

It seems like a jealous Kanye jumped to conclusions after Meek met with Kim and a philanthropist for a meeting on criminal justice reform. So it’s true that they met up and even had a meal together. But sources say they never had any one-on-one time, and kept things strictly business. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • I don’t know if Kanye cares about the facts here — his mind is made up and he’s going with his gut.
  • This guy is worried about all the wrong things.
  • Yeezy has zero chill.