SNOOP DOGG: Surprises Atlantic City Mayor

SNOOP DOGG: Surprises Atlantic City Mayor

Snoop Dogg is turning into something of a political power broker.

The D-O-Double-G recently surprised Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small Senior with a FaceTime call. He told the mayor about his plans to invest in some real estate and “do some big things out there with you.”

Snoop also pitched his idea of a meeting of mayors. “I’m in the city of Inglewood, right? And we have a Black mayor out here as well, and I’d like for you to meet him so we can start a mayors’ coalition. That way you brothers will start to know each other, start working with each other.”

The mayor seems receptive to Uncle Snoop coming to town. He told a Philadelphia NBC affiliate, “What the city of Atlantic City lacks — obviously — is family fun, entertainment… We look forward to Snoop Dogg and any other person that wants to do business here in Atlantic City.”

Hot Takes:

  • I wonder if Snoop has political ambitions of his own or if he just knows it’s smart to have the political power on your side.
  • I’m not sure if Snoop is the first name I associate with “family fun and entertainment.”
  • I can see it now — the Snoop Dogg Hotel and Casino all lit up.
  • He’s already playing his cards right and he hasn’t even sat down at the table yet.
  • This is how you move when you’re an OG like Snoop.