DONALD TRUMP: Wants a Third Term

DONALD TRUMP: Wants a Third Term

In an apparent attempt to upstage the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Donald Trump made some of his most outrageous statements to date during campaign stops in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Aside from calling his Democratic opponents “fascists” and “radicals,” he said that is “God is testing me” with the economic fallout from the coronavirus as punishment for building “the greatest economy” prior to the outbreak.

On his second stop in Wisconsin, Trump responded by the crowd’s chants of “four more years” by saying, “And then after that we’ll go for another four years. You know what, they spied on my campaign so we should get a redo.” (Daily Mail)

On Monday, Donald Trump spoke about himself, God and the economy. OC:…do it again. :11 [Courtesy of 24/7 News Source]

“That’s God testing me. He said, ‘You know, you did it once.’ And I said, ‘Did I do a great job God? I’m the only one that could do it.’ And he said, ‘That you shouldn’t say and now we’re gonna have you do it again.'”

Hot Takes:

  • Trump may be firing up his base and the faithful, but he seems to be alienating everyone else.
  • We have to remember that before he became president, Trump was a reality TV star.
  • Before Trump can have a third term, which by the way is prohibited by the Constitution, he has to win re-election.
  • Trump can’t really believe all the things he says. He’s just trying to get attention.