DONALD TRUMP: Slams Michelle Obama

DONALD TRUMP: Slams Michelle Obama

Donald Trump didn’t take the insults lobbed at him by Michelle Obama lying down – or if he did, he had his phone with him and was tweeting.

Trump responded to Michelle Obama’s claims Monday night during her Democratic National Convention that his White House operates in “chaos” and without “empathy” by tweeting early Tuesday that he wouldn’t have been elected “if it weren’t for the job done” by her husband, former President Barack Obama.

Trump couldn’t let it go with one tweet, but launched a series directed at Michelle Obama and the “ObamaBiden Administration.” (Fox News)

Hot Takes:

  • You can’t be surprised that Trump responded — on Twitter.
  • Expect Trump to continue to tweet more responses during the DNC.
  • It’ll be interesting to see what the Republicans have planned for their convention next week.