BEYONCE: Secret Shoot in the Hamptons

BEYONCE: Secret Shoot in the Hamptons

Beyoncé has something brewing. She rented a TV studio in the Hamptons and banished everybody for the week.

A source told the New York Post, (quote) “It’s a big studio with two separate buildings. The whole thing was closed for Beyoncé. So nobody could go in.”

Typically, the studio rents for public access programming. Those hosts were alerted via email to a new schedule because four days were blacked out exclusively for Beyoncé. (New York Post)

Hot Takes:

  • Beyoncé rarely gives advanced notice to her projects.
  • Whatever she has in the works, it’s sure to be fantastic.
  • It would be nice for Beyoncé to tell us now, but I can wait. It’s not like these days I have a whole lot going on in my life.
  • Take your pick: A music video or part of a documentary or an endorsement for a political candidate.