$600 stimulus payments will start going out tonight, Mnuchin says


The latest round of coronavirus stimulus payments will start going out tonight, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Tuesday.

The $600 payments that are part of the $900 billion COVID-19 relief package will arrive via direct deposit in some people’s accounts as soon as tonight, Mnuchin said in a tweet, and will continue into next week.

Last week, Mnuchin told CNBC that the payments would be getting out quickly: “People go out and spend this money, and that helps small business and that helps getting more people back to work.”

After a four-day delay, President Donald Trump signed the relief bill, which also extends unemployment benefits and includes funds for small businesses, Sunday night

The possibility of raising the payment amount to $2,000 is in limbo at the moment. Trump supports the larger payment, and the House on Monday overwhelmingly approved such a bill, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday rejected two Democratic motions to vote on the bill, suggesting any vote would be dependent on adding language to the bill repealing liability protections for online speech and an investigation into potential voter fraud.

While the higher payments have broad support, some Senate Republicans say it is too expensive.