Here’s Your First Glimpse Of Regina King Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

The Oscar contender shows off her funny side.

Written by BET Staff

Regina King is slated to host Saturday Night Live this evening (February 13) with musical guest Nathaniel Reteliff.

In a promo to get viewers ready for tonight’s episode, the award-winning actress, alongside Rateliff and SNL regular Beck Bennett, tried to get everyone fired up about what time of year it is in New York City. Unfortunately for them, it’s currently cold, dark and gloomy in the Big Apple.

“The wind, the chill, the slush,” King lists.

“The sun setting at 4:30,” Rateliff adds.

“Regular season NBA games,” Bennett continues, until King interrupts, saying listing out the positivity that’s missing amid the coronavirus pandemic “isn’t working.”

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“Yeah the power of positive thinking, my butt,” Bennett replies.

In a jump cut to another attempt at the promo, Valentine’s Day became the central point. Bennett starts by asking King to be his Valentine. When she responds, “Of course I will,”

Bennet realizes he’s made a mistake because he was actually talking to his wife, who he’s talking to via a hidden air pod.

“Wait are you for real?,” he asks King, before hanging up on his wife. “Uh babe, sorry. Found someone else. Got to go.”

Watch the hilarious promo for tonight’s episode of SNL below.