DONALD TRUMP: Vows to Cure AIDS and Childhood Cancer

Donald Trump took a few minutes off from criticizing Baltimore and the Democrats last night to make an inspiring and ambitious promise: to cure AIDS and childhood cancer.

The President said, “The things we’re doing in our country today, there’s never been anything like it. We will be ending the AIDS epidemic shortly in America, and curing childhood cancer very shortly.”

The Kaiser Foundation says the cure rate for childhood cancer is around 80 percent, but we haven’t moved the needle on that number for about two decades. The White House has pledged $500 million in additional research funding over the next 10 years, which would be an increase of about 10 percent.

The administration wants to reduce transmission of HIV by 75 percent in the next five years and 90 percent in 10. It plans to target “hot spots” for increased funding, use data to track infection rates more closely and create local task forces for education and outreach. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • Once in a while, Trump points to big things he thinks this country can do. If he did more of that, there’d be a lot less animosity.
  • If he continues to rip apart the ACA, he won’t achieve his goal. Insurers will re-institute lifetime limits, which kids with cancer can rack up in just a couple of years.
  • It’s not just empty words — he has plans for how to get these things done.