Ex-Girlfriend of Soulja Boy Suing Him For Allegedly Beating Her Leading To Miscarriage

Ex-Girlfriend of Soulja Boy Suing Him For Allegedly Beating Her Leading To Miscarriage

Ex-Girlfriend Suing Soulja Boy For Physical Abuse That Led To Miscarriage

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Problematic rapper Soulja Boy could be dishing out that money he’s making off that TikTok song if this lawsuit doesn’t go in his favor.

TMZ exclusively reported an ex-girlfriend of Soulja Boy is suing him because he allegedly couldn’t keep his hands and feet to himself, which led to her suffering a miscarriage. Documents obtained by the celebrity gossip site detail the physical abuse the woman identified as “Jane Doe” endured at the hands of Soula Boy in separate incidents in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The woman claims that while she was pregnant in 2015, Soulja Boy became irate and violent after a “simple conversation” and began “to punch her in the face and the chest until she could no longer stand on her feet.” She alleges the strikes caused her to fall to the ground and curl up to protect her stomach while she shielded her face with her hands. She claims that Soulja Boy kicked her all over her body, specifically in her belly, subsequently leading to her suffering a miscarriage.

In other incidents, she alleges Soulja Boy was extremely violent, even forcing her to engage in sexual acts threatening her with physical harm if she doesn’t.

Per TMZ:

She claims there were other violent incidents. Like in 2017 … Jane says Soulja flew into a violent rage … punching her in the face and breasts. She says things got so bad Soulja’s security had to pull him away from her. She claims Soulja was pissed because he thought she was leaving him.

She says a 2018 incident was caught on camera. Jane claims a conversation turned violent as he stood over her and began to physically attack and yell at her. She claims the night vision cameras used on the show captured the incident, which later aired on the WeTV network in early 2019.

She also points to an alleged incident in 2019 when she claims he “tightly gripped” her neck and choked her while threatening her life after she rebuffed his efforts to rekindle the relationship.

Jane claims during the course of their relationship, he would coerce her to engage in sexual acts through the threat of physical violence. She claims he subjected her to physical assault if she refused.


She is not the first person to accuse Soulja Boy of such violence. His other ex Nia Riley also accused him of kicking her in the stomach while pregnant during a dispute.

Jane Doe is suing for assault, sexual battery, gender violence, and more, plus seeking damages.

Photo: Santiago Felipe / Getty