Raz B not performing a reunion tour

There will be a little more space on the stage and the tour bus now that Raz B has dropped out of the B2K Millennium reunion tour.
The group’s official Instagram page cited a “self care journey” as the official reason for Raz B’s departure from the remaining dates. The offcial post didn’t offer much in the way of details, but seemed supportive of Raz getting treatment.

But Bossip suggests the real reason is another group member who wouldn’t stop trolling him. J. Boog reportedly mocked Raz over the sexual abuse he suffered at the hand of former manager Chris Stokes. Boog wore a shirt that said, “I don’t feel safe” to a pre-show meet-and-greet. Raz felt like he was being teased about past comments that he would quit the tour if Stokes was going to be around.

Now, Raz has the rest of the tour off, while Boog and Chris Stokes continue to enjoy a strong relationship as friends and
business partners.