Former Xscape Member, Named The Owner Of The Atlanta Heirs Basketball Team

Tiny Harris has been in the news for a lot of questionable things but this is actually something I have more questions about. A co-ed basketball team is forming in Atlanta and a black woman is taking ownership? Tell me more. I haven’t heard much about this league which Mrs. Harris could possibly be the owner of as well. Through her social media networks, she released a photo with a caption that says a lot but not enough. See below.

I’m excited to share this with the world and more so with my city #atlanta. I’m officially the owner of, ‘The Atlanta Heirs!!’ ✔️ #veryproud #atlantaheirs #globalbasketball #atlanta #thenewave ? #bossmoves #queensh*t ??? #Lucky7

Hopefully, we will be able to acquire an interview and keep you updated on the status of the team and this co-ed league’s progression.