Leaders Against Litter, All Hands On Deck!










‘Leaders Against Litter’ is an annual statewide #KeepLouisianaBeautiful event that showcases local community leaders and elected officials “leading the way” in the charge against litter. This initiative raises awareness about our leaders’ unified commitment to a litter-free Louisiana and encourages others to take pride in their communities by keeping them clean and litter-free.

It was good to see some of the candidates that will be on the ballot giving a hand, showing their human side. I mean, they are human until some of them cross over on March 25th. The most memorable face was Elijah Guillory. He and a sheriff deputy was picking up trash when I pulled up and they didn’t even stop for a camera-opp so it appeared sincere. This community is definitely in need of the leadership that can get down in the trenches with it’s constituents. Picking up trash is symbolism for what needs to be done here in Lake Charles collectively. All hands on deck!