#GeauxLive w/ Live 104.9 KZWA

#GeauxLive w/ Live 104.9 KZWA


There was a time in history where only news networks had the ability to broadcast content to mass amounts of people. Then, YouTube and Facebook were born, and gave birth to content producers at the same time. New technology is being created everyday to make that content you want to create more accessible to your audience. Welcome to age of live video.

Everyone wants to live stream everything. From birth to death, we’ve seen it all on social media platforms. This is exciting and frightening at the same time. Because video is live, you can’t control what you’re going to see, which is why there are regulation entities in place such as the FCC to prevent Janet Jackson from exposing her breasts during the Super Bowl. Facebook Live is a new beast that hasn’t been fully tamed. But there are professionals who’ve been able to take use Facebook Live for what it was intended for and actually take it to the next level.

Live 104.9 KZWA is one of those early adopters of the new broadcasting technology that allows broadcasters to produce TV quality content and even better on social media sites where that type of content isn’t common in the form of live content. Unlike TV, we don’t have limits to time limits or specific time brackets. We can create and distribute content as frequent as we like. From YouTube to Facebook, we can feed our live audiences high quality content that they wouldn’t typically see on TV but is still of interest to them. Click the links below to view some of our past broadcasts.



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