Aaron Hernandez, a true tragedy…

Aaron Hernandez, a true tragedy…

By now you have heard of the somewhat shocking news of Aaron Hernandez apparent suicide on the same day that many former teammates are scheduled to visit the white house. You know all of the key details:

He grew up in a middle class two parent household

played with Tim Tebow at the University of Florida,

was drafted by the Patriots at age 20,

signed a 5 year 40 million deal extending his time with the New England Patriots,

but was was allegedly involved in 3 murders and 1 attempted murder, of those 4 victims 2 were close enough to be considered brothers. Some think the greatest tragedy is  the waste of God given talent to play a game that entertained millions. In my humble opinion, this little 4 year old girl :

This little 4 year old girl did not have a choice in this matter at all. I struggle to feel bad for her mother, Hernandez’s longtime girlfriend and fiance who changed her name to his despite not being married. But this little girl will have to face the ups and downs of life without her biggest protector and cheerleader – her father. No matter how much of a monster we know him to be, to her he was simply Daddy. The only person now that is truly stuck serving his life sentence is young Avielle.