Black Twitter Gets Another Ad Removed…Is It Offensive? [WATCH]

Black Twitter Gets Another Ad Removed…Is It Offensive? [WATCH]

Black twitter is angry AGAIN and it has caused another ad to be removed and a PR statement released. Offensive?? I definitely didn’t find it to be but what do you think of this commercial?

This passionate nay sayer had this to say in response and obviously had a lot of backers with almost 2,500 retweets,

While I don’t get the frustration, several people found the commercial appalling leading Shea Moisture to release this statement:


This is a bit of a reach if you ask me! On first sight of the commercial, I perceived the product to work on several different hair types. You might have natural hair, damaged hair from dye or straight hair….the product will help develop the volume. People need to stop looking for a reason to get offended and live intentionally. 

Real question….did any of these women ever use the product or hear of it before this ‘claim to be’ offensive ad surfaced? Or were they just trolling the internet waiting for a chance to jump on the bandwagon of someone else without doing their own research?


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