Hunter Beats Carter for Mayor, Moncrief Loses By 1 Vote

Hunter Beats Carter for Mayor, Moncrief Loses By 1 Vote

I’ll be the first to say that these local elections are far more important than the presidential elections, just as much as oil changes are far more important than filling your tank up (I hope I didn’t lose you). So why is it so hard to get people out to the polls? Lake Charles race for mayor wasn’t the most highly attended event. I actually heard there were more people at the Chicken Run this year than at the polls. That says a lot. Either local residents aren’t interested in politics or they’re not interested in the candidates. Well, the government has its funny way of making you participate in local politics, whether you like it or not. A wheel tax, parking meter increase, or even a sales tax increase could go in effect depending on who’s in office. That’s one of the many reasons your voice matters during public political forums such as the voting process.

As a new resident of Lake Charles, I couldn’t participate in this weekend’s election but I had the opportunity to see all of the candidates in various spaces campaigning. When it came down to the Mayoral race which was the most popular race of them all, the guy I would’ve voted for didn’t even make it to the second round. So my horse was already out of the race. It’s unfortunate because I believed Marshall Simein was a good fit for everyone. However, the locals were more drawn to the characteristics and politics of retired Judge Wilford Carter and his opponent Nic Hunter.

Despite the lack of media attention around the city council race, there was a story to be told. A host of seats were up for grabs this year but were retained by its incumbents. It’s really tough for new energy to be formed from old administrations which is why elections are necessary. When it comes to these seats, some people get in them, forget why they got in them but want to remain in the seat until their dying day. It’s unfair to the community. The torch is to be passed down, not blown out and relit again. Interestingly, Nicole Moncrief, was beat out by Luvertha August by one vote. Geesh! That is a close race and a divided group of voters. Some community members aren’t the most pleased. One Facebook post reads,

“Lemme tell you how y’all can’t always blame every Election on “young voters” and when they actually try to make a difference and run for office we say “they are inexperienced.” We pray for them to make a difference in their community and when they do we tell them to “sit down and wait your turn.” Every city council seat but one was won by the incumbent, regardless if they possess the ability to create tangible change or not–they were reelected.

So it’s okay for young people to vote we just don’t want them to LEAD! ?????

Welp congrats to Mr Carter on a well ran race and congratulations to our new Mayor effective July 1st, Mr Hunter.”

View full election results here.